Charity Square Project

Over on my favoured forum site, Sprite Stitch, every year we pool our talents together to create a quilt or two to auction off for charity, namely Child’s Play. Each person who gets involved cross stitches a 96×96 stitch square of their chosen game and when done sends it off to our amazing quilter tnitnetny who takes all the squares and magically transforms them into quilts.

Stitching For Charity 2015

I have tried before, but with one thing or another I haven’t been able to work on my square.

This year I start afresh and with a different game for the design, and so far it seems to have been the right decision, the design may have changed and a second start needed, but the subject matter is enough to keep me engaged and working, for as I faced problems, it would’ve been so easy to have given up.

96 stitches by 96 stitches.

9216 whole cross stitches.

DMC threads.

Here’s the picture from Xenoblade Chronicles;


And here is my latest update picture;




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