The Blade is the Focus

A 96 stitch by 96 stitch square with every stitch filled in with whole cross stitches seems easy, but turns out it’s not.

Composition and colour are everything, much like a painting. If you don’t feel right, if it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t right. That’s easy for me to type, it was indeed a lot harder for me to accept in practise.

The Xenoblade Charity Square piece did not feel right. I tried to push forward but I could sense it, constantly nagging at me. I stopped, stepped back and took a breath. I did other things, pottered about the house, did some chores. When I came back, I unpicked the whole thing.

The feeling I had was of defeat, I don’t deny it, I was ready to pack in the whole thing, a part of me suggested this was Fate’s plan, that I was not meant to do a Charity Square. But as I began looking through the pictures I had gathered some weeks before this project began. A rather colourful picture caught my eye and I knew I had to give it another go. monadoThis was the picture, the main character’s mysterious and powerful sword, The Monado, captured here as a tiny section from the start up screen for the game. This blade is a great and important piece of the game.

I booted up KG Chart and crossed my fingers hoping the program was out of the bad mood it has been in and lo and behold, it worked. In no time at all, The Monado had been charted and I was ready to go again.

I am glad I restarted and I’m glad I stopped when I did. Continuing with something when your heart is just not in it… well, it almost hurts. It’s like a bad stain on white sheets, a bit of dirt on your glasses. You can choose to ignore it, or darn well do something about it.


Charity Square set back

Unfortunately my work on the charity square has been disappointing to say the least. The picture hadn’t translated well to being turned into a pattern.

I had my doubts as I gathered my threads, but I persevered, many projects I have worked on are the sort that don’t come together until the end stages. But as I worked on the square more and more, the less it worked and the more disillusioned I became.

I have not got the time nor admittedly the patience to go through and change every single colour of the pattern. So I have had to admit defeat and halted the project for now.

I have found two new pictures to try out, and as my pattern maker has decided to start working again, this should prove to be the much better course. I shall experiment with both pictures over the next few days and compare the pattern colours to my actual thread collection and see if I can get somewhere.

Here’s hoping I can re-start my charity square project by next week.

Charity Square Update

I worked a little bit more on my Charity Square piece last night and here is where I am at now.Xenoblades 1I can now tell you that the picture is a screenshot from the Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles, see the newly added page to see the picture and more about what this project is all about 🙂

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The progress of my Avengers project goes well, I have managed to fit in several sewing sessions over the past week. Although I wish I had less confetti stitches to do. Creating a single stitch in one colour and having to secure it before doing another single stitch in another colour and again and again, is somewhat draining. I confess I have on occaision trailed my way across the back, wasteful, I know, but so much quicker and so much more satisfying. It happens to the best of us right?

I must say I shall try to strengthen my resolve on such confetti stitches as I work on this new project of mine. But that story I shall impart upon another page at another time.