Charity Square set back

Unfortunately my work on the charity square has been disappointing to say the least. The picture hadn’t translated well to being turned into a pattern.

I had my doubts as I gathered my threads, but I persevered, many projects I have worked on are the sort that don’t come together until the end stages. But as I worked on the square more and more, the less it worked and the more disillusioned I became.

I have not got the time nor admittedly the patience to go through and change every single colour of the pattern. So I have had to admit defeat and halted the project for now.

I have found two new pictures to try out, and as my pattern maker has decided to start working again, this should prove to be the much better course. I shall experiment with both pictures over the next few days and compare the pattern colours to my actual thread collection and see if I can get somewhere.

Here’s hoping I can re-start my charity square project by next week.


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