Charity Square Update

I worked a little bit more on my Charity Square piece last night and here is where I am at now.Xenoblades 1I can now tell you that the picture is a screenshot from the Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles, see the newly added page to see the picture and more about what this project is all about 🙂


Putting the ‘Enger’ in ‘Avengers’

Latest Avengers project update, the confetti stitches in these letters are slowly driving me crazy me I’m sure. I shall feel much better when I’ve finished this page of pattern. The next page involves working on Thor, which should prove to be a much more enjoyable experience. DSC01408

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The progress of my Avengers project goes well, I have managed to fit in several sewing sessions over the past week. Although I wish I had less confetti stitches to do. Creating a single stitch in one colour and having to secure it before doing another single stitch in another colour and again and again, is somewhat draining. I confess I have on occaision trailed my way across the back, wasteful, I know, but so much quicker and so much more satisfying. It happens to the best of us right?

I must say I shall try to strengthen my resolve on such confetti stitches as I work on this new project of mine. But that story I shall impart upon another page at another time.